Why Social Media Can’t Replace Your Website

Social media has become a vital component of any business’s e-Commerce strategy. However, what happens when social media platforms have an outage? The Great Facebook outage on October 4, 2021 serves as a stern reminder why small businesses should have their own website instead of relying on social media to be the face of their business. Just a six-hour outage caused major disruptions for many businesses. Sky Systemz developed Cloud Servicez, to ensure that our merchants have accessibility to a fully functional website, and webstore, that is fully integrated with their web POS.

According to the SBA, 36% of small businesses do not have a website. An article on SmallBizTrends seems to indicate that the issue is that most businesses do not have the tools to build a website themselves and that it is too expensive to pay someone to build a website for them. Therefore, many small businesses flock to social media as an alternative to having a website.

It is no surprise that social media has been slowly replacing the need for small businesses to have a website. Especially when it is fairly easy to set up a business page and post new content daily. Furthermore, social media platforms like Facebook do offer e-Commerce solutions and provide a low-cost alternative for businesses to do online marketing. Nearly  40% of the world’s population uses Facebook alone, and it is suggested by Backlinko that social media users are active across 6 different social media platforms. For the small business owner, social media is virtually free, provides some tools to operate a business and it’s where you can find half of the world’s population… Is there really still a need for a website? Absolutely!

It is suggested that 51% of shoppers conduct research online before making a purchase. So a business must ask themselves, “Are shoppers scrolling endlessly through my Facebook feed to learn about my products?” or “Are shoppers ‘Googling’ for information on a product that they want to buy?”. The obvious answer is the latter. Only through a website, with optimized SEO does a small business even stand a chance of being found.

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And getting back around to the original point, what if social media goes down? The outage this week saw not only Facebook, but Instagram and WhatsApp also experienced a total outage. If your small business is only using social media for e-Commerce, you lost practically an entire day of being able to conduct any business online. Furthermore, with the recent allegations brought forth against Facebook by former employee Frances Haugen, looming government regulations against the company and algorithms that are obviously working against your business’s success, why are you putting all of your proverbial eggs in one basket?

At Sky Systemz, we have created a unique way to serve small and medium sized businesses. Initially, Sky entered the market to provide state of the art point-of-sale solutions at the lowest rates on the market. CEO Brian Nichols was appalled at how other POS system companies were charging enormously high fees for payment processing, causing businesses to lose $10,000s of $1000s per year.

Sky has since grown and evolved into a full e-commerce company! “We encounter so many business owners that are running their store operations on Square (NYSE:SQ); using Wix.com (NASDAQ:WIX) for their website; and many others use Shopify (NYSE:SHOP) for an online store or GoDaddy (NYSE:GDDY) to host their site. Instead of businesses using multiple services, Sky can do it all with a team that is available to help you get started.” according to CEO Brian Nichols.

Sky is unique in that we provide our merchants with e-Commerce solutions in addition to payment processing services. There are no contracts, no upfront fees, and with the cash discount you can eliminate all of your card processing fees providing your business with significant savings and increasing your bottom line. 

Cloud Servicez from Sky allows a business to host their current website, build a new website, and create an online store. The seamless integration with Sky’s Web POS allows a merchant to add optional services such as Sky Bookingz (a true booking service that can be utilized by hotels, hair salons, etc), Sky Subscriptionz (which allows the merchant to set up recurring subscription fees weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc), Ticketz (sell digital tickets to your business’s events), Requestz (request payment for services like Venmo or PayPal), a Blog page, SEO & Marketing Feature and so much more! All of our basic services are FREE and are paired with our US based customer support team.

Check out some of our websites! Go ahead, click buttons and look around. We can build a website to your specifications for virtually any industry.

Sky Corn Maze – https://skycornmaze.com

The Local Hen Restauranthttps://localhenreztaurant.com 

All Dogs Grooming – https://alldogzgrooming.com 

“Sky is a one stop shop for all of your business needs. Whether that means a physical POS, getting your business on the cloud or creating a website with a fully functional webstore that works in tandem with your brick-and-mortar location, Sky has you covered,” explains Sky Systemz CEO Brian Nichols. 

Learn more about Cloud Servicez at www.skysystemz.com/cloud-servicez