Use Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your Webstore

With over two billion users, equaling about 22% of the world’s population, Facebook can be a powerful tool to supplement your business. According to Marketing91, about 50 million businesses have created pages to optimize their business and revenue. While Google is still the biggest search engine, Facebook has become the largest ‘community’ to represent businesses in one place. It’s become almost like a ‘virtual mall’.

I know I am guilty of ‘window shopping’ through a business’s Facebook page to watch for deals or just to see what they have going on. Admit it, you probably have too! Knowing this information, how easy are you making it for Facebook users to get to your website? Many small businesses that I have personally encountered on Facebook are not even displaying a website link in their about section. Some do not even have websites… If you don’t think that is a problem read this article… Facebook Down.

Here at Sky Systemz, we offer Cloud Servicez as a means for businesses to create a state of the art e-commerce website and store. Sky Online’s free web store includes a store front page for easy navigation that allows customers to find products and services, add them to the cart, and specify delivery or pick up.

As seen in the video above our merchant, Wicked World Scaregrounds, has directly linked their website from their Facebook page. Notice how quickly you can get from Facebook, to their Sky web store, purchase ticketz to the event and be checked out in less than a minute!

There are so many applications businesses could utilize Facebook as a funnel to their website. Wicked World is effectively driving ticket sales. A restaurant could drive people to create online orders for pickup! A salon, physician’s office or pet grooming center could drive people to schedule their next appointment. e-Commerce is growing at a rate of 23%, year-over-year, yet 46% of small businesses do not have a website or web store (First Site Guide). With nearly 95% of the US population making some purchases online, can you really afford to not have website or web store as a small to medium sized business?

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