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With the holidays around the corner, big business is already preparing for Black Friday and the Christmas rush. Do you know where they are preparing the hardest? ONLINE! It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has fundamentally changed consumer shopping habits. If you are a small business without a professional website, with an optimized webstore, you are setting your business up for failure.


According to a Google study, 80% of US small businesses are not taking advantage of e-commerce. Why are small businesses resistant to joining the digital age? Maybe a tight budget or just not realizing a custom website and webstore is more affordable than they think. Regardless of the excuse, your business needs these tools. Not only does e-commerce create more revenue, but it also opens your business on the national or global market. More potential customers equal more potential revenue!

Did you know eCommerce rose 13.1% in 2021 (Adobe) and the average amount spent increased by 17% (BigCommerce)? That means consumers are increasingly moving toward online shopping and spending more money online than in brick-in-mortar stores. In fact, e-commerce sales in 2020 rose to $27 BILLION according to Adobe. With more than half of all consumers shifting to e-commerce versus retail shopping. In 2021, 18% of retail sales came from eCommerce (eMarketer). You as a business CANNOT afford to not be joining the eCommerce game.

At Sky Systemz, we have created a unique way to serve small and medium sized businesses. Initially, Sky entered the market to provide state of the art point-of-sale solutions at the lowest rates on the market. CEO Brian Nichols was appalled at how other POS system companies were charging enormously high fees for payment processing, causing businesses to lose $10,000s of $1000s per year.

Sky has since grown and evolved into a full e-commerce company with it’s creation of Cloud Servicez! “We encounter so many business owners that are running their store operations on Square (NYSE:SQ); using (NASDAQ:WIX) for their website; and many others use Shopify (NYSE:SHOP) for an online store or GoDaddy (NYSE:GDDY) to host their site. Instead of businesses using multiple services, Sky can do it all with a team that is available to help you get started.” according to CEO Brian Nichols

Act now to bring your business into the age of eCommerce. There’s literally almost $30 BILLION out there for your small business to take this Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Whether you need a physical POS, want your business on the cloud or you need a website with a fully functional webstore that works in tandem with your brick-and-mortar location, Sky has you covered. Contact Sky Systemz to learn about our free hardware, free online cloud POS and free webstore options.

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Sky Systemz is a cloud-based payment processing system and business management software. With no contracts and no monthly fees, Sky services businesses nationwide who want to grow their business while keeping more of their profits.