LEXINGTON, KY – Sky Systemz is a digital payments and fintech company from Lexington, KY. Over the last two years, Sky has grown into a small enterprise services powerhouse punching well above its weight class. Sky’s processing volume and user base has grown by 1,000% due to rapid vertical and horizontal adoption.  

Sky is rolling out the next chapter in its evolution, Financial Servicez, while staying true to its personalized roots that made the company’s services appealing to many professional service providers. Financial Servicez was most recently mentioned in a Yahoo! Finance article.

The excitement surrounding Sky centers on how the ‘bolt-on’ nature of their software makes it instantly adaptable to any industry. Sky is living up to its slogan, “Built to fit the shape of your business”, by ensuring their customers can ‘build’ a unique business services platform.

The Sky Platform

Sky’s new platform currently consists of three software based components (a 4th coming in Q2); Paymentz, Operationz Management, Business Management, and soon Financial Servicez. A revamped Business Management Suite, projected Q3, will include Sky Insightz. The advanced analytics and reporting tool will determine the overall ‘health’ of your business.

Sky Financial is a game changer, moving Sky firmly into one of the few all-in-one business solutions on the market. All of your payments, operations, management and financial services will live in one place, aimed at serving the overlooked professional services industry. 

Sky Financial is a business-focused product with all the benefits of traditional business banking: access debit cards, checks, ACH deposits, vendor payments, and employee accounts. Special benefits will also include cash back on debit transactions, instant deposits and the recent trend of P2P daily payroll. Daily payroll is a game changer in a time when it is difficult for professional service organizations to attract talent.

“Sky has stayed true to our focus of serving the unique needs of professional service businesses and creating the very best products. Sky Financial will bring so much value to our platform…Imagine walking into a bank and coming out with a complete platform to run and manage your business with all the tools needed to grow and optimize costs. That’s what Sky is offering!

– Brian Nichols, CEO

Sky is no longer the ‘little Cloud POS that could’, but is establishing itself as a serious contender in the market.  Sky replaces the need for multiple services like Square for operations, Wix for a website or Shopify for an online store. Soon, no more Citibank or Bank of America for banking services. Sky Systemz creates unique value for its business customers; They consolidate all their business services with professional support needed to advise and collaborate on maximizing the platform.

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Sky Systemz is a cloud-based payment and financial technology company with no contracts, no monthly fees or low rates. Sky is a partner to businesses nationwide who want to grow their business while keeping more of their profits.