Point of Sales (POS) is no longer what it used to be. The emergence of cloud technology has started a new era in point of sales, revolutionizing retail pos solutions everywhere.

POS systems no longer depend on employee-run terminals placed near the exit. It is a diverse collection of valuable touchpoints that interacts with customers wherever they want. Cloud is transforming POS from wired terminals to blend mobile, desktop, and self-checkout solutions, allowing businesses to optimize sales opportunities and elevate customer engagement.

In this article, we will discuss the evolution of POS solutions and how cloud technology is shaping the future of Point of Sales.

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What Is a Cloud POS?

How Cloud POS Is Transforming Traditional POS Systems

Why Cloud POS Is the Future of Point of Sales




Application Integrations

Automatic Software Updates

Increased Data Visibility

How Can a Sky Systemz Cloud POS Solution Support Your Business?

Retail POS

Keyboard/Legacy POS


Restaurant POS


What Is a Cloud POS?

A cloud POS is a web-based POS system that allows us to process transactions through the internet. What makes cloud POS unique is that it doesn’t require expensive servers or costly software upgrades. Instead of processing payments and updating orders on your local computer, cloud-based point-of-sale systems do it online.

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How Cloud POS Is Transforming Traditional POS Systems

Cloud POS is heralding a major change in how businesses engage with customers and process payments. Cloud POS solutions offer businesses a wide range of benefits to the point that legacy systems can no longer compete.

Although on-premise PBS systems are viable in some situations, most businesses are increasingly preferring cloud POS solutions. According to Retail Consulting Partner, nearly 52% of corporate businesses have completely migrated to cloud POS systems, whereas 40% of businesses have planned to migrate to cloud-based POS in the future.

Cloud POS has brought new innovations to point of sales, the most recent of which is the autonomous store. These stores have no lines and no checkouts. All customers have to do is simply walk in, buy what they need, and go home. Customers only need to download a smartphone app.

Several retailers, hospitality, and professional business services such as moving companies, mechanics, and medical professionals are moving toward cloud-powered solutions. However, merging digital and physical commerce requires an innovative approach to point of sales. Customers are no longer satisfied by high-quality products alone; they want a seamless experience when they interact with your business through multiple channels and devices.

Every customer wants to search, purchase, receive, and return products whenever and wherever they need to. For several businesses, this means providing mobile POS and installing multi-device POS solutions throughout their shop.

Store owners must introduce new transaction types such as “click and collect.” In other words, customers can buy products online and collect them from the shop whenever it suits them.

POS solutions need to integrate online orders with in-store pickups. At the same time, those solutions must facilitate convenient returns to in-store, as well as online.

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Cloud POS solutions seamlessly integrate mobile POS, desktops, and even enable business owners to access the POS system through tablets.

In this day and age, businesses must adopt a multifaceted POS strategy to grow their market share and deliver the ideal shopping experience to clients. Doing so helps store owners to adapt to future possibilities and address current expectations.

Customers have different preferences, and they move between multiple devices and channels. Adopting the latest cloud POS solution can help you merge the best of physical and digital environments.

Why Cloud POS Is the Future of Point of Sales

Stores are blending in-store and online transactions, increasingly forcing managers to rely on cloud-enabled services for agile and seamless POS services. More and more POS systems are leveraging integrated cloud solutions replacing server-dependent on-premise solutions with web applications accessible through smartphones.


Security is one of the biggest concerns store owners have with cloud-based solutions. And this concern is not without reason too. Plenty of businesses have suffered from data breaches in the past.

Fortunately, cloud POS solutions have evolved with time to ensure business data is fully safe and secure. Companies can now back up data to the cloud instead of storing it on a physical server. Because of this, it’s significantly harder for cybercriminals and hackers to infiltrate your POS system and steal valuable data.

Cyber attacks not only steal data but damage businesses by erasing valuable product data, forcing business owners to reenter all data from scratch. Moreover, losing tax and customer purchase data means businesses can’t report to the IRS, landing them in further trouble. Thanks to cloud POS, businesses no longer have to worry about their data being stolen, damaged, or corrupted on physical systems.

It’s true that not all systems are foolproof, but securing data in the cloud reduces the chances of cyber-attacks and ensures that all your data is readily available. Even if you lose data in-store, you can fully restore it if something bad happens.

A cloud POS solution not only secures data on a large scale, but also protects sensitive information within your business. In other words, cloud POS restricts employees from accessing information or critical business functions without your permission.

For instance, store owners can restrict access to certain key features such as voiding sales or offering refunds. Likewise, store owners can also configure different access levels for every employee through a swipe card or PIN number.

Aside from that, a cloud POS solution can enable store owners to implement more advanced security measures. For instance, store owners can benefit by encrypting data and transmitting it through secure protocols and network devices.

Likewise, store owners can also develop a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy to meet essential compliance regulations such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.


Since the pandemic, businesses have struggled to operate within social restrictions. Store owners were forced to allow staff to work from home so businesses could keep running. However, businesses that lacked a cloud-enabled management system suffered terribly under Covid-19 restrictions, with as many as 100,000 businesses shutting down forever.

One of the key advantages of cloud POS is the ease and mobility it provides to business owners. Securing data in the cloud gives store owners the freedom to access it from anywhere, at any time.

For most retailers, transitioning from in-store applications to mobile is an essential priority. However, to make it possible, business owners need a robust solution that is compatible with multiple operating systems.

A cloud POS solution enables employees to access the POS from their homes using any device. This allows employees to complete sales and transactions from home as long as they have an internet connection.

Employees no longer need fixed POS terminals to do their job. Cloud POS gives them the power to interact with customers and resolve their problems using phones, smartwatches, tablets, or any other mobile device.

Contactless payments are revolutionizing retail, so it makes sense for business owners to leverage a POS solution that empowers their staff to interact with customers regardless of where they are. Buyers can purchase products without visiting your store and your business benefits from a larger customer base.

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Migrating to the cloud is the first step to expanding your business. It allows you to push your business towards unprecedented growth. A cloud POS makes it streamlines the buying experience of customers and increases the number of sales. The more sales your business makes, the more it grows. This creates a cycle of success that sustains business growth over time.

Before the advent of cloud POS, businesses struggled to grow despite having the potential to do so. Even when they decided to expand to more locations, integrating the system of branches was challenging enough to create unnecessary hurdles and slow down growth. In contrast, cloud POS facilitates growth by automating key features and providing an all-in-one solution.

For instance, with cloud POS, businesses can add new locations to a POS system with a few clicks. Moreover, store owners can copy pricing and product data within seconds, ensuring that starting a new store is painless and free.

Application Integrations

Speaking of growth, cloud POS enables businesses to connect with a wide variety of applications and devices. Therefore, store owners can incorporate different devices with the POS system. For instance, if you need a hand-held stock-taking device to handle retail orders without being restricted to the warehouse, a cloud-enabled POS solution is what you need.

A cloud-enabled hospitality POS can help you include several devices such as phones, tablets, etc., so your staff can deal with customers on the go.

Similarly, an advanced POS system can also connect your business with several ecommerce options such as Woocommerceand Shopify. Solutions such as Sky Systemz Online Store allow you to integrate countless ecommerce applications.

Apart from providing you with core ecommerce features, it makes it easier for businesses to handle accounting through popular tools like Quickbooks Online, Xero, or Sage. Likewise, you can streamline customer management by integrating email marketing tools like MailChimp.

The fact that cloud POS allows you to collect and manage data from a diverse set of sources makes it extremely viable for modern-day businesses. Plus, your POS data is housed alongside data from all integrated applications. This helps store owners keep everything in sync, reducing discrepancies across the entire system and ensuring that you have the latest information at your fingertips.

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Automatic Software Updates

Delays are frustrating, more so when the delay comes from your POS system. Several business owners have complained that their system stops for updates right when they are processing transactions, creating a vicious bottleneck for their business.

What makes cloud-based POS systems unique is that they automatically install software updates. All software updates run in the background while you carry on with your business. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about updating your system yourself.

Another benefit of automatically updating key POS features is that it keeps your POS system in sync with the latest tools in the market. Automatic updates prevent problems like payment failures caused by un-updated software integration.

As a result, store owners using cloud POS enjoy a more efficient workflow compared to others while also having the latest POS features at their fingertips.

Increased Data Visibility

Collecting information from different parts of your business gives you the perfect overview of how things work. But how do you do it when your business spans across multiple locations and is managed by multiple teams? Well, through a comprehensive cloud POS solution, of course!

Gathering data from POS systems enables businesses to identify new opportunities to increase revenue, enhance inventory management and sales reporting, and improve customer experiences and communications.

However, the challenge here is to gather data across several locations and devices and offer customers a unified experience. Cloud POS solutions streamline data management and help business owners to leverage it effectively.

A cloud POS solution provides us with a unified console connected to various parts of the business. You no longer have to worry about paying the wrong bills or sitting for hours crunching numbers at the back office.

By incorporating solutions like Sky Invoicez, you can process customer invoices much more efficiently. At the same time, cloud POS helps you sync customer data and sales data, so you can spot key trends such as customer buying patterns and many other exciting things.

You can also leverage this data to adjust staff according to customer demand and launch new promotional campaigns and boost sales. In other words, a cloud POS is the key that connects different parts of your business and gives you an overall view of how things are going.

How Can a Sky SystemzCloud POS Solution Support Your Business?

Sky SystemzCloud POS is a revolutionizing POS solution offering several versatile and advanced features tailored to the specific needs of various industries.

Whether you are an agency offering professional services, a restaurant, a busy retail merchant, or an entrepreneur who needs cloud POS for small business, Sky Systemz has a solution in store for you.

Our highly dedicated Customer Success team is always ready to serve customers whenever they need us. Each of our cloud POS solutions is refined to your needs, giving you the head start you need to leave your competition behind. Let’s see what each of these cloud POS solutions offer:

Retail POS

  • Cloud POS allows you to securely manage permissions and add users with PIN codes
  • Order management supports a barcode scanning system for faster checkout and tracks inventory for real-time stock levels!
  • Quickly add inventory and new products with the attribute, variable, and modifier functionality
  • Leverage multiple devices on-site and remotely through Sky Systemz Web (POS.SkySystemz.com) and mobile (iOS or Android) based POS features
  • Inventory management system allows businesses with large amounts of inventory to manage 100s or 1,000s of products


  • An intuitive, easy to use legacy/keyboard POS for small businesses
  • Ideal for minimal needs of a small business with low inventory
  • Manually enter amounts with products to collect payments quickly using a specialized keyboard;
  • Easily access POS data and transaction history from anywhere you like through our mobile application
  • Ideal cloud POS solution for physicians, property managers, moving companies, and other professional services


  • Quickly add data of new products, configure permission, and access business data from your website
  • Ideal for a number of businesses such as automotive repair, furniture stores, firearm retailers, and tire shops.
  • Ideal for retailers and professional service businesses that want to use a PC for their POS
  • Inventory management software allows item selection, barcode scanning, or keyboard functionality

Professional Business Services

  • Easily add professional services according to your business’s custom needs. i.e., you can add moving companies, medical professionals, mechanics and HVAC services
  • Mobile (iOS) based system allows your business to operate tablets or handheld devices for employees and technicians
  • Ideal for full service, item delivery, pickup
  • Manage an unlimited number of servers and managers with custom permissions and multiple locations
  • Track sales, cash flow, and detailed restaurant data to improve your operations and reduce excess inventory.
  • Sky Systemz’sNEW Time Clock feature enables business owners to track punch ins/outs, calculate an employee’s wage, and show crucial insight into the business process through analytics.


A cloud POS streamlines all key business functions, helping retailers manage their business effectively. To benefit from the latest cloud POS features, you need a solution that provides all key features tailored to your business needs.

With Sky Systemz cloud POS software, you can securely store sales and transaction history in the cloud. You no longer have to be tied down by a traditional counter-top POS that restricts business growth.

A solution like Sky SystemzCloud POS gives you all the tools you need to run your business successfully, from streamlined order management to key features such as centralized inventory, and employee, customer, and product management.