Businesses Turn To Sky Systemz

for Cloud POS and Security

The world looks different at night

“The average cost of a data breach to small business can range from $120,000 to $1.24 million, and that’s strictly limited to a small business market.”

This shocking statistic is one of the many reasons small businesses are realizing the importance of Cloud based technology, not only at their point of sale, but also in managing customer information, finances, and other sensitive information.

Cloud technology is secure because of the way it provides a barrier between your information and everything else online. Using the premise of a firewall, it acts as a gateway to secure the technology being transmitted from your business to the storage space. Threats and security are managed through the proprietary process of Sky Systemz, which solidifies the confidentiality of your information.

Sky Systemz is unique in the design of cloud technology due to the multiple ways clients are


It’s a centralized business hub.

“The true benefit is that it is quickly scalable for speed and performance while being accessible from anywhere in the world. The same way you upload a picture on your iPhone and then have it on your iPad and Mac, Sky merchants can access their business data in real time from anywhere in the world with a login,” explains Sky Systemz CEO Brian Nichols.

Sky provides a secure merchant portal.

Not only can you manage your data from anywhere in the world, you can also secure customer information using the safety of cloud technology. This includes added values such as storing payment information, email addresses, physical addresses, and phone numbers.

It reduces merchant liability.

By having more control over the data and total processing system, a merchant significantly

lowers the risk of a hack, internal factors of having customer information out in the open, and

provides peace of mind with what is essentially a virtual vault. If you have lots of employees or multiple locations you can create rules and permissions to limit access of your company data, which is where a large percentage of security breaches begin.

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“By having more control over the data and total processing system, a merchant significantly lowers the risk of a hack.”