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Sky Systemz is a cloud-based payment processing system and business management software. With no contracts and no monthly fees, Sky services businesses nationwide who want to grow their business while keeping more of their profits.

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Sky Evolves from Cloud POS to Full Suite Business Services Platform
LEXINGTON, KY – Sky Systemz is a digital payments and fintech company from Lexington, KY. Over the last two years, Sky has grown into a small enterprise services powerhouse punching well above its weight class. Sky’s processing volume and user base has grown by 1,000% due to rapid vertical and horizontal adoption.   Sky is rolling…
Making the Case to Pass the Fee Pt 2
Welcome to Sky Blogz! Sky Systemz is a cloud-based payment processing system and business management software. With no contracts and no monthly fees, Sky services businesses nationwide who want to grow their business while keeping more of their profits. Making the Case to Pass the Fee Pt 2. Cloud POS Software: The Future of…
cloud POS software
Cloud POS Software: The Future of Online Business
Point of Sales (POS) is no longer what it used to be. The emergence of cloud technology has started a new era in point of sales, revolutionizing retail pos solutions everywhere. POS systems no longer depend on employee-run terminals placed near the exit. It is a diverse collection of valuable touchpoints that interacts with customers…
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A Detailed Guide to Credit Card Processing in 2022
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Top 11 POS Features Businesses Need in 2022
Business needs are constantly evolving. So why are people still using the same POS system? Like every solution, Point of Sales (POS) needs to be updated to meet business needs. Yes, customers still buy products and perform transactions, but business dynamics have dramatically changed. Table of Contents Top 11 POS Features in 2022 2 Advanced…
POS System
How Does a POS System Work
Be it a small or large-sized business, every business has to manage a proper bookkeeping record to analyze and evaluate its performance.Years ago, people dedicated their time and effort to managing finances. But in the modern world, bookkeeping has become digitized, like everything else. With a Point-of-sale(POS) system, you can do much more than accept…
Musicians Save Big at the Merch Booth with Sky!
The music industry has never recovered from Napster and file sharing. Due to the rise of high speed internet and file sharing, revenue in the music industry dropped by over 68% between 1999 and 2014! While the industry has seen some recovery with the innovation of streaming… musicians have gone from making $20 per CD to 99¢ per download to .0038¢ per
Making the Case to Pass the Fee
The COVID-19 pandemic decimated small businesses across America. Net profit margins dropped in almost every industry, some double digits. If you are in the restaurant or hotel industry, we know you are still feeling the financial effects of the last two years. Here at Sky, we strive to help reduce costs for the businesses that we serve. One way we do this is by encouraging our merchants to ‘pass the fee.
Is your business ready for Cyber Monday?
With the holidays around the corner, big business is already preparing for Black Friday and the Christmas rush. Do you know where they are preparing the hardest? ONLINE! It’s no surprise, that COVID-19 has fundamentally changed consumer shopping habits. If you are a small business without a professional website, with an optimized webstore..
Use Facebook to Drive Traffic
With over two billion users, equaling about 22% of the world’s population, Facebook can be a powerful tool to supplement your business. According to Marketing91, about 50 million businesses have created pages to optimize their business and revenue. While Google is still the biggest search engine, Facebook has become the largest ‘community’ to represent businesses in one place.
Why Social Media Can’t Replace Your Website
Social media has become a vital component of any business’s e-Commerce strategy. However, what happens when social media platforms have an outage? The Great Facebook outage on October 4, 2021 serves as a stern reminder why small businesses should have their own website instead of relying on social media to be the face of their business.
Mr. Sky Lesson
E-Commerce Lesson w. Mr. Sky
Do you want to save time and money? Do you need e-commerce solutions for your business? If so, consolidate your business services with Sky. As a result, you’ll save time and money. It’s EZ! Sky is more than a payment processing company! We are a one-size-fits-all business solution. That means, we offer all your business needs in one place. For instance, check out the list below. Could you use them?
Sky Systemz launches Sky Paymentz
Sky Systemz is a B2B software start-up company from Lexington, Ky involved in the cloud POS and eCommerce business that is experiencing exponential growth in a very short time. The company has launched Sky Paymentz with transparent pricing, no contracts, and no monthly fees with instant onboarding so businesses can register and start processing card payments in five minutes.
The rollout of Sky Paymentz – “Requestz”
This new feature allows merchants to request a payment from a customer by simply emailing or texting an invoice. To simplify the process even more, customers now have Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Microsoft Pay as payment options! This not only saves your customers time but also protects your business by lessening the risk of chargebacks. With a few clicks and verification, your customer can make easy, secure, and private transactions on the web!
Introducing Sky Ticketz
Sky Systemz makes business EZ for local merchants. Sky Ticketz is the go-to ticketing solution for seasonal businesses like pumpkin patches, haunted houses, and is now working with event centers, arenas, and resorts. This gives vendors an alternative to Live Nation Entertainment’s (NYSE: LYV) Ticketmaster and Eventbrite (NYSE: EB) to keep more of their profits, sell tickets online, and seamlessly connect to the Sky POS.
Creating Mr. Sky
Artist, Vincent DePorter, takes us on a high-speed trip through the creative process of ‘Creating Mr. Sky’ for the High Point Market event that we will be attending in October. So cool seeing hours of work reduced to 30 seconds! Amazing work done by an amazing man! Thank you Vincent!
Save nearly $50,000 over 24 months with Sky Systemz free cloud POS
Restaurants Using Toast POS Can Save Nearly$2,000 Monthly with Sky Systemz Cloud POSAccording to Bloomberg, millions of restaurants are on the brink of collapse, and cloud POS giant Toast isn’t helping matters. Earlier this year, Toast raised money at a near $5 billion valuation, which means the company’s valuation has more than doubled.
Businesses Turn To Sky Systemz’s Contactless Payment Option As More Than Half of Americans Ditch Cash
The National Retail Federation says that a cashless society is the number one potential long term economic impact from the Coronavirus Pandemic. In a recent study from MasterCard, more than half of Americans believe contactless payments are “the cleaner way to pay,” and are 57% more likely to continue using contactless options after the pandemic subsides.